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👋🏽 Welcome to Doing Well by Doing Good: The New Startup Model, a newsletter highlighting the startups that are profitable with a purpose.

Here we highlight the startups, small or large, that are driving global societal change and a sustainable business model through the products and services they provide—in other words, the startups that are profitable with a purpose.

In the newsletter we’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest companies that fit the bill through interviews with founders, digests on the latest company being funded, and insights on what makes these companies successful.

Why Start This?

There are a lot of blogs and newsletters about startups doing good, but not many that keep up-to-date on the latest startups that tie their profit-driven incentives to contributing to change in society. We wanted to fill that gap.

What is Doing Well By Doing Good?

Doing Well by Doing Good is a concept characterized by for-profit companies that creatively tie in capital incentives through products and services that directly feed into immediate good for society from Day 1. These companies are differentiated by their ability to tie close to 100% of their operating revenue to contribute towards Doing Good rather than a fraction like many other companies.

If you want to learn more about this concept, check out our introductory post on Medium describing the concept in more detail.

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Times are changing and sustainable business growth is more important than ever for startups. Tying this growth to inevitable societal change enables these companies to weather the storm.

We are looking forward to learning about these startups and having you along for the ride!

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